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Chalk Mug For The Office

Chalk Mug For The OfficeI seem to have an obsession with tea at the moment – I must get through about 10 cups every day (I’m sure that can’t be good for me?) so I love these new Chalk Mugs!

If you too need your daily fix to help you through the day then these could liven things up in the office – simply leave any message on the mug for your colleague depending on your mood that day, and erase it when you think of something else you want to say!

OK so the novelty of this will probably wear off after a few days, as it always does, but it could be a great way of cheering someone up or perhaps asking your boss for that pay rise! The chalk board surface is a fab alternative to post-its and it comes with it’s own stick of chalk to get you started … all for just £4.99!

Via Coolest Gadgets

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