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Nivea Goodbye Cellulite

Nivea Goodbye CelluliteI’m so glad that ‘How To Look Good Naked‘ has returned for a new series. If you caught the first episode last night you’ll know that each week the public is voting on products for certain problem areas – last night the problem area being cellulite.

Four products were tested, ranging from £9.99 to £85.00 and quite surprisingly it was the cheapest product (Nivea Goodbye Cellulite) that was found to be the best performing product.

I’m really wary about these products; cellulite affects the majority of women so surely if there was a quick fix product everyone would be using it? I’ve yet to try this new one by Nivea but am off on holiday next week so I’ve already got it packed and will report back with the results!

Available from Superdrug.

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