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The Size 00 Hype

Super Skinny Me LogoLast time I looked in a magazine I saw the phrase ‘Size 0’ used in a number of cases, however that now seems to be overshadowed by the phrase ‘Size 00’. Celebs such as Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth and Lindsay Lohan were all apparently a 00 at one point – the same size as a 6 year old. Many criticised their unhealthy figures and thankfully they have all put on a bit of weight and look ‘normal’ again.

The first time I heard someone use the words double zero was in a documentary I watched last week ‘Superskinny Me: The Race To Size Double Zero’ where 2 girls Kate and Louise raced to get down to a size 00 from a size 12. Even though I watch these documentaries I think they are becoming a little monotonous; first Dawn Porter, then Louise Redknapp now Kate and Louise. It was worth watching as it showed in more detail than the other programs how bad the situation can get; Kate had to stop her diet because she had purposely purged twice and doctors feared she was developing an eating disorder. Louise however, managed to succeed and then put it all back on while on a two week holiday in the Caribbean!

If you get the chance to see it, I would; it does point out some interesting facts such as ‘it is estimated that women who diet spend an average of 31 years trying to lose weight’ and that ‘one in five women who diet are permanently on a diet’. If however you saw any of the previous ‘Race to Size 0’ documentaries you may find it a little repetitive.

More at Channel 4.

One Response to “The Size 00 Hype”

  1. jen Says:

    some people don’t get any fatter than that no matter how hard they try and certainly do not have an eating disorder!