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Gil Carvalho 'Carloto' Shoes

Gil Carvalho 'Carloto' ShoesIs it just me or do these shoes look like they belong in the 70’s? Perhaps with some white flares and funky orange top? If you’re able to look past that however, these Gil Carvalho ‘Carloto’ shoes do make quite a statement – I guess you’re either going to love them or hate them! Personally I don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear them (knowing me I’d fall and break my neck wearing heels like that!)

But I do find the style quite appealing – if the platform was half an inch smaller I’d be buying myself a pair right now. The gold trim, brown leather material and rounded toe all work well together, it’s just the height of them that scares me! They’re quite expensive at £115 but if you want to turn some heads this summer these should do the trick!

Via Shoewawa

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