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Retrieve Lost Text Messages (And Spy!)

TextSpyIn my opinion this little gadget could be extremely dangerous! If you’re the kind of person who can’t resist checking your partners mobile then this TextSpy is likely to excite you. It claims to be able to retrieve between 10-20 of the most recently deleted texts (although this is not guaranteed as different SIM networks are capable of storing more than others) giving you the opportunity to confirm any suspicions you may have!

For £99.99 your suspicions will have to be pretty high to purchase one of these! I also can’t imagine many people paying that to simply retrieve their own lost texts – how important can they be? However if you think your partner’s hiding something from you this could be the perfect gadget to find out either way – or you could just trust them!!

Via Shiny Shiny

One Response to “Retrieve Lost Text Messages (And Spy!)”

  1. stephen higley Says:

    How do i go about buying this product and how does it work?