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Magnetic Clothes Hangers

Magnetic Clothes HangersEveryone knows how frustrating it can be to hang your clothes up on a full rail. Every couple of days the hangers all get tangled and as you’re pulling one peice of clothing off, another hanger will have overlapped on the silver hook and before you know it clothes are falling off the rail and hangers are being snapped with sheer frustration. Well that’s the struggle I have with my wardrobe anyway – perhaps it’s just me?! …

The Magnetic Clothes Hangers were invented by designer Daniel, and provide an innovative update to regular hangers. By replacing the hook with a magnet, the hangers no longer need to be on a rail and can save loads of space (great news for us girls who need that extra bit of room!)

Plus they look great – really stylish! Can’t wait to get my hands on these

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