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Slikit Pink Cordless Straighteners

Slikit Pink Cordless StraightenersThese Slikit Cordless Straighteners are perfect for straightening hair any place, any time. They’re re-chargable and last up to 60 minutes per charge, so no longer will you need to plug yourself in to defrizz – simply charge them up and carry them to the gym, to the office or even on a camping trip!

And at only 9 inches they’ll pop in your handbag no probs. If you’re in a rush to meet friends for a drink after work, a quick run over your hair with these and you’ll friends will be left wondering how you manage to look so great after a hard days slog at the office.

Plus they’re pink, heat up to 200 degrees and emit ionic shine and frizz free properties to straighten! Apparently celebs such as Jennifer Aniston use these too so if they’re good enough for her …

Available from Amazon for £89.50

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