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USB Beverage Chiller

USB Beverage ChillerI can’t imagine anyone not wanting one of these for the hot sunny days ahead of us. Sitting at your desk hot and exhausted from yet another day in a stuffy office, imagine if your boss bought this little gadget over with a nice chilled beer (or soft drink if your boss isn’t that nice) to keep you cool and refreshed.

It’s pretty unlikely that this is going to happen and your boss is probably going to need some convincing that this Beverage Chiller is in fact a great idea, but if you’re refreshed you’ll stay at your computer longer and work harder – so it’s in everyones interest really.

After just seconds of plugging the chiller into the USB port the coldplate chills to 45 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect to keep your drink cool and chilled.

Via Think Geek

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