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America Goes Crazy for Free Becks T-shirts

Free Becks T-ShirtArtist Sheila Cameron is well known for her outrageous slogan designs and has recently added a ‘Free Becks, Keep Posh’ range to her collection insinuating that America would prefer Victoria to stay at home. The line was inspired by her campaign ‘Free Katie’ attempting to save Katie Holmes from scientology obsessed husband Tom Cruise.

Poor Victoria must be so upset of rumours that America cannot wait for David to move to the US but would rather she didn’t. I personally think they are jealous because she is David Beckham’s wife (every girls dream I’m sure). This range of merchandise is just another minor setback for the Beckham’s and I hope Victoria is able to laugh it off.

The ‘Free Becks’ range includes T-shirts, pillows, baby outfits, dog outfits, mugs, bags, notebooks, badges and mouse-mats. Other slogans by Sheila Cameron include ‘Hillary Scares Me’, ‘I’m Available For Celebrity Adoption’ and my personal favourite ‘I Was Bald Way Before Britney’. Check out the Sheila Cameron Website for more slogans and the ‘Free Becks’ collection.

2 Responses to “America Goes Crazy for Free Becks T-shirts”

  1. Abbie Says:

    I have my own t-shirts with attitude printed up at They do a great job!

  2. Philippe Pedersen Says:

    People Magazing ( just issued an interesting article about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage, Jada Pinkett Smith’s comments, JJ Abrahams, Leah Remini, etc.