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Sleep Under the Stars with Star Murals

Star Murals I recently came across this unique artwork by startist Rip Read and thought how amazing it would be to have on my bedroom ceiling. I love stars and the mysteries of the universe and think this would be the perfect surrounding for me to drift off to sleep under. The art he creates are called Star Murals – 5D art that resembles the real night sky, stars twinkle and move; you may even spot a shooting star if you’re lucky.

The great thing about his art is that the night time effects are bright and mesmerising but during the day the whole setting is invisible to the human eye. All designs are hand drawn therefore each Star Mural is completely original. He draws galaxies, nebulas, meteors, comets and star clusters in many different ways, see Rip Read’s Website for photographs and more information about this unique art that seems to be catching on around the world. He is also working on a clothing range in the same style as the ceiling art – now that sounds interesting!

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