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Archive for April, 2007

Celebrity Style Update

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Here’s what some of our top style icons stepped out in last week…

7 Trends in 7 Days
Clearly the weather has been a little chillier recently because all the stars have wrapped up in a long trousers and majority are wearing jackets. I love Paris Hilton’s animal print fluffy jacket – so sexy, so stylish, so spring! It almost looks like a giraffe print which is unusual and I adore the matching headband. Mischa’s jacket is also gorgeous and she looks stunning as always.

I like this array of images, all the celebs are wearing completely different outfits giving us a greater insight into what to wear this season.

Story from Life & Style.

Laidback London Flip-Flops

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Laid Back London Flip-FlopsLaidback London have recently launched their new collection of truly unique flip-flops at their website

As ever, lines from the Spring/Summer 07 collection can be outfitted in a number of ways with a ‘shoe like sandal’ for the trendy work place or warm evenings out on the town and the ‘elegant flip-flop’ for the more laid back occasions and weekends.

A new feature to the website this season is the custom made service. This service allows customers to order a single pair of bespoke flip-flops – with over 250 possibilities, shoppers are sure to find the perfect pair of flip-flops with every chance of it being an exclusive, one off pair!

The Friday Update

Friday, April 27th, 2007

After ploughing my way through many magazines this week, these seem to be the celebrity gossip topics that everyone is talking about:

  • Harrison Ford finally proposes to Calista Flockhart.
  • Charlotte Church takes a girly baby break with Gav’s sister.
  • Talks of Jessica Simpson’s Dad managing Britney Spears.
  • Kate Moss’s range at TOPSHOP hit stores on Tuesday.
  • Hugh Grant could be facing assault charges on a photographer

Gil Carvalho 'Carloto' Shoes

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Gil Carvalho 'Carloto' ShoesIs it just me or do these shoes look like they belong in the 70’s? Perhaps with some white flares and funky orange top? If you’re able to look past that however, these Gil Carvalho ‘Carloto’ shoes do make quite a statement – I guess you’re either going to love them or hate them! Personally I don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear them (knowing me I’d fall and break my neck wearing heels like that!)

But I do find the style quite appealing – if the platform was half an inch smaller I’d be buying myself a pair right now. The gold trim, brown leather material and rounded toe all work well together, it’s just the height of them that scares me! They’re quite expensive at £115 but if you want to turn some heads this summer these should do the trick!

Via Shoewawa

Summer Styles at Next

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Next Summer Collections
Next has got some seriously stylish designs going on the summer, they have a whole range of new products in different collections such as Rose Garden and Paradise Lost. The images above are from Rose Garden, Festival, Havana and La Dolce Vita. Each collection has a unique theme and the garments are sure to be the height of fashion this season.

My personal favourite is the Paradise Lost look, so sexy and so summery – you’re sure to be the centre of attention if you walk out in this. Check out the Next website for all the styles.

The Size 00 Hype

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Super Skinny Me LogoLast time I looked in a magazine I saw the phrase ‘Size 0’ used in a number of cases, however that now seems to be overshadowed by the phrase ‘Size 00’. Celebs such as Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth and Lindsay Lohan were all apparently a 00 at one point – the same size as a 6 year old. Many criticised their unhealthy figures and thankfully they have all put on a bit of weight and look ‘normal’ again.

The first time I heard someone use the words double zero was in a documentary I watched last week ‘Superskinny Me: The Race To Size Double Zero’ where 2 girls Kate and Louise raced to get down to a size 00 from a size 12. Even though I watch these documentaries I think they are becoming a little monotonous; first Dawn Porter, then Louise Redknapp now Kate and Louise. It was worth watching as it showed in more detail than the other programs how bad the situation can get; Kate had to stop her diet because she had purposely purged twice and doctors feared she was developing an eating disorder. Louise however, managed to succeed and then put it all back on while on a two week holiday in the Caribbean!

If you get the chance to see it, I would; it does point out some interesting facts such as ‘it is estimated that women who diet spend an average of 31 years trying to lose weight’ and that ‘one in five women who diet are permanently on a diet’. If however you saw any of the previous ‘Race to Size 0’ documentaries you may find it a little repetitive.

More at Channel 4.

Retrieve Lost Text Messages (And Spy!)

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

TextSpyIn my opinion this little gadget could be extremely dangerous! If you’re the kind of person who can’t resist checking your partners mobile then this TextSpy is likely to excite you. It claims to be able to retrieve between 10-20 of the most recently deleted texts (although this is not guaranteed as different SIM networks are capable of storing more than others) giving you the opportunity to confirm any suspicions you may have!

For £99.99 your suspicions will have to be pretty high to purchase one of these! I also can’t imagine many people paying that to simply retrieve their own lost texts – how important can they be? However if you think your partner’s hiding something from you this could be the perfect gadget to find out either way – or you could just trust them!!

Via Shiny Shiny

Catwalk Fashion Trends

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Vogue Website ScreenshotIt all starts on the catwalk. Designer collections pave the way for the fashion season’s must haves and fashion savvy consumers copy the trends on the high street or online.

This spring summer there are lots of colours and tones influenced by the catwalk that are set to take centre stage this spring summer.

An early starter was Monochrome. This was the transitional look from the end of the winter season bringing us in to spring. The black and white tones on retro patterns tapped into the mood of the ending of the winter season but the chic styles of the monochrome looks make the black and white a combination of choice for spring.

Christian Lacroix and Gareth Pugh were catwalk leaders with the monochrome theme running throughout their shows.

Other colours making waves this spring summer are yellow, in acidic and bright shades and blue, in ultramarine and cobalt electric hues.

Last year Victoria Beckham wore a floor length acid yellow Roberto Cavalli dress. Who would have though it would have been the colour of choice for the spring summer season? Lanvin and Valentino lead the way with yellow featuring prominently in their collections. The hue is perfect for the season.

Blue in all shades, particularly electric and ultramarine, is a top choice for S/S 07. Probably a result of the sporty water theme running through fashion week for spring summer, blue is to become the colour to be seen in.

There are many websites to help you keep up with the latest trends. Fashion bible Vogue has the latest fashion news and British online retailer Discoo offers a celebrity and catwalk news section.

Fashion is as fast as ever and it’s easier than ever to achieve the catwalk look.

Aurora Bloom Jewellery

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Aurora Bloom Jewellery
The Aurora Bloom range is now available at The range of drop-dead gorgeous jewellery and accessories are carefully sourced with vintage components, dazzling gems and quirky treasures. Reworked, restrung and revamped is the best way to describe this glamorous and nostalgic collection!

My personal favourite is the vintage charm necklace (1st on the left), it includes a brass square pendant with scroll pattern, gold round locket, gold heart locket with flower detail, plastic flower and a modern smoked topaz Swarovski crystal and costs just £14.50. The other pieces in the collection are also very reasonably priced and all unique.

Trying To Quit Smoking?

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Quit SmokingTrying to Quit Smoking? Finding it difficult?

Here are some tips which should help you to quit easily and effectively.

I, personally, quit smoking using hypnotherapy years ago and it worked wonders for me. I’ve been smoke free now for the last 15 years and, believe me, it was very little effort at all.

Since that time, I have qualified as a hypnotherapist myself and have helped to dozens of people to quit the habit.