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Dunker Mug

Dunker MugThere’s nothing quite like dunking a choccy biscuit into a hot cup of tea, it always tastes so much better when its warm and soft – especially when the chocolate melts in your mouth! Now there’s a reason to have a couple of biscuits with every cup of tea – this funky Dunker Mug. The mug has a biscuit compartment already built in so you’ll just have to slot a couple of biccies in whenever you make a cuppa.

If you’re like me and have endless cups of tea then this could be pretty dangerous for the waistline; think of the packets of biscuits you’ll get through each day! You can even choose between a left and right handed mug so you don’t have to compromise your dunking hand!

What a great little gift for the notorious ‘dunker’ in the office too – at £14.99 it’s not the cheapest mug around but but at least this design will save you washing up the plates you used to arrange the biscuits on!

Via Gadget Candy

One Response to “Dunker Mug”

  1. Frapp Says:

    Hahaha! I love it! I so want to buy one now…