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Madonna at H & M

Madonna at H & MAt last we get to see Madonna’s new fashion label ‘M’ at the high street store H & M! The 48 year old mother of three has been setting trends for the last 2 decades with her music and now it looks as if this new collection will be another hit for the Material Girl.

Madonna has designed the range on her favourite clothes that like her music, reflects her famous style, femininity and up-to-the-minute look, though I think lots of the designs are very classic and could be worn season after season.

The range includes beautiful dresses with the must have ‘LBD’, the glamorous evening gown, sharply tailored suits, casual leather jackets, trench-coats, glizzy party tops and some very stylish accessories; there really is something for everyone.

Colours are mainly ageless neutrals including beige, grey, black and white and made from beautiful materials like silk, cashmere and leather. Prices look reasonable to me with the top price being £150; I personally love the collection and will definitely be taking a look!

One Response to “Madonna at H & M”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I’m curious to see how the younger generations will take Madonna’s new line with H&M. I know for myself I’m pretty neutral on the situation. Since I have not seen the collection I’m unable to speak from personal experience but I do hope it provides a somewhat lighter side to life. Kids and teens today are thrown such highly provocative pieces and wearing them with the subconscious notion that is what will make them acceptable to their peers etc. Madonna doing the same for the past two decades, i hope pulls through with some motherly love for not just her children but all H&M kiddies. Since Madonna is such a powerful voice and always find a clear channel to release her thoughts I hope she keeps the kids in mind on this one. I very much look forward to seeing the collection and perhaps buying a piece or two.