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The Pampered Chef

Food ChopperOk, all you cooks out there! In the past few years it can’t have escaped you that Chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey seem to have taken over on the TV. New cook books are advertised and on sale every few months and kitchen cupboards are packed full of interesting herbs and spices and wonderful gadgets.

Take a look at for loads of really useful ideas. My favourites are the food chopper which chops onions, veggies, herbs, in fact anything that needs chopping, in seconds. Also, the Microplane adjustable grater is fantastic for finely grating hard cheese, citrus rind, ginger, garlic etc. which comes with a slider attachment to avoid grating fingernails and the end of your finger along with the cheese which we’ve all done at some time!! Both are dishwasher safe which is an added bonus.

They also do some great stonewear which distributes heat uniformly for even baking and browning leaving pizzas crispier and roasts more succulent. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from and Pampered Chef are so confident with their product that all products carry at least 1-year guarantee; some products even have a lifetime guarantee, so you really can’t go wrong. Get cooking!!

4 Responses to “The Pampered Chef”

  1. Model Citizen Says:

    i love cooking shows. Do you get top chef in london? that show is beyond addictive.

  2. Emma Says:

    Have to admit that I haven’t seen top chef, but I’ve heard about it – think it’s on Bravo? Am sure I’d be a fan if I caught it, I love cooking shows too!

  3. Diane Ferraris Says:

    If you would like a cooking show, please contact me.
    [email protected]
    Phone 01865 864662

    Pampered Chef offer more than just a cooking show. The host can get lots of free and half priced goods. Besides that it is a lot of fun, and a good excuse for a get together!

  4. Nicola Calvert Says:

    If you are at all interested in finding out more about the pampered chef as a business opportunity for a little extra cash or as a career opportunnity then please contact me to find out more.

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    Interested in getting £70+ of free products then contact me and I will tell you how.

    Happy cooking