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Congo Line Of Fruit!

Fruit Combo RackWe rarely write two posts in a row about food but I thought this Fruit Combo Rack deserved a mention! It’s a fun alternative to a standard fruit bowl and may even encourage the kids to eat more fruit – they won’t be able to walk past without touching this, it looks too tempting to play with! Not only does it look more interesting, but it also means the fruit’s more accessible and prevents it becoming easily bruised (as it often does at the bottom of the fruit bowl).

Pop it on the worktop to add a splash of colour to your kitchen too – it’s thin enough to not take up much space. At $19.98 it’s a tad more expensive than you’d expect to pay for a fruit holder, but worth it if you’re into kitchen gadgets that your friends and relatives aren’t likely to have!

Via Random Good Stuff

2 Responses to “Congo Line Of Fruit!”

  1. eye4style Says:

    So unique! It makes the fruit look like art.

  2. ear4style Says:

    so so uniqe! it makes the bananas look yellower!!