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L'Oreal Kiss Proof Lipstick Duo

L'Oreal Kiss Proof Lipstick DuoFor ages I have been searching for a lipstick that stays on as long as it says it will and keeps you looking gorgeous day and night … or at least day or night!! So when I saw an advert for L’Oreal Kiss Proof Lipstick and on the box it said “tattoo effect lipstick”, I thought must give this a go.

It is quite expensive at £9.99, but I thought if it works it would be well worth it. It comes in two parts; one lip colour and one gloss. The testers in our local Boots were in a bit of a mess; out of about 10, there were only four colours available and of those 4, three were broken and the other completely used. I broke open the new pack of the colour I liked (Crystal Chocolate 303) and took out a new one. I applied the colour to the back of my hand and tried to rub it off which was really difficult; I thought that a good sign and brought it.

When I got home, I put it on hoping it would not be another waste of money. The colour was great and has a lovely shimmer effect too which I hadn’t noticed under the shop lights. It actually stayed on for the rest of the day even after having lunch and dinner, although did fade a little, but soon came back to life after applying the gloss again. Even after drinking it didn’t come off or leave a mark on the glass, but I must confess I haven’t tried the kissing test yet, must find a willing candidate now!!

All in all, a great buy and would highly recommend it.

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