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Trilobite Robotic Vacuum

TrilobiteToday we look back on our ancestors and wonder how much harder their lives must have been without modern day appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers – just imagine having to wash all your dirty clothes by hand – it’s unthinkable now. Well with this new Trilobite Robotic Vacuum future generations will probably look back on us and be amazed that we wasted so many hours of our time hoovering the house.

This amazing gadget is the new improved version of the first design presented to the public in 1997 on ‘Tomorrow’s World’. It’s had extensive research and development and apparently it will soon be available in shops. The vacuum uses ultrasound to navigate its way through your home and is able to detect stairs and potential roadblocks. Special magnetic strips can also be used as “virtual walls” to keep the vacuum confined in certain boundaries.

Impressively, the robotic cleaner can also find its own way back to the charger – once cleaning has been completed it will simply return and charge itself automatically. A full charge lasts for 1 hour, but if the cleaning hasn’t been completed in that time, the vacuum will charge itself up and then finish the job.

No dustbags are needed and there are three cleaning programs available: Normal, Quick and Spot. A Normal program involves the Trilobite cleaning along all walls and open areas – then cleverly using this information to calculate the time needed for independent cleaning. The Quick program skips the walls and open areas stage and just begins independently cleaning, and the Spot program cleans an area of approximately 10 sq feet twice.

According to Crib Candy this gadget is available for $1800 – I couldn’t find that on the website, but that’s a pretty good price for such a great gadget. If it takes off the price is also likely to drop, as it did with standard vacuums.

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