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Anything Is Possible

Michelle DewberryIf you enjoyed last year’s series of The Apprentice but were left wondering how a checkout girl from Hull managed to turn her life around so dramatically, I’d recommend reading Michelle Dewberry’s autobiography. Titled ‘Anything is Possible’, it really makes you believe well.., anything is possible.

I didn’t realise just how hard Michelle’s life had been – with the loss of her sister, a violent and abusive dad, her battle with depression and bulimia – but somehow she decided she would not be a victim, rather she would believe in herself and reach her unbelievably tough personal goals. I found myself inspired by her story – if you work hard enough and believe you deserve just the same as anyone else then you can turn your life around.

Michelle believes you can be anything you want to be, never give up and you will succeed! In the back of her book are 10 tips to success – if you’re lacking motivation or want to make a career move but are too scared, give this book a read.

Available from Amazon for £8.99

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