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Improve Your Mind On The Loo?

Mind Trainer Loo RollThis is a bit of a strange concept but I guess there’s never a bad time to work those brain cells – the more you use your mind the quicker it will think (apparently) so instead of staring at the bathroom wall wasting precious time when you’re sitting on the loo, why not get your mind onto the loo roll instead?

The Mind Trainer Loo Roll has ten different puzzles/games imprinted onto it, including Sudoku, Ladders and mental arithmatec – just make sure you keep a pen stored in your bathroom. Don’t let yourself leave the loo until you’ve finished the puzzle – you’re mind will be sharper in no time!

One Response to “Improve Your Mind On The Loo?”

  1. Jakob Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Improve Your Mind On The Loo?. Thanks for informative article