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Nokia L’Amour 7373 Special Edition

Nokia L'Amour 7373 Special EditionThis is a girly girls phone if ever I saw one… I love it! The Nokia L’Amour 7373 Special Edition is based on the L’Amour Collection, but has had been beautified by fashion designer Giambattista Valli. He’s added slinky extras, such as a pearl strap and a miniature skull motif, to an already pretty pink phone to make it all the more desirable.

The Nokia 7373 Special Edition phone will be revealed at Paris Fashion Week and will come loaded with behind-the-scenes video footage of Valli, an exclusive ringtone and designer graphics. Although it’s not available yet, I’m pretty sure women everywhere will want to get their hands on this once it is (it’s rumoured to be available in selected European markets during March).

Via CadgetCandy

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