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Tootsie Warmers

USB Foot WarmersI know there are loads of USB gadgets out there (cup warmers, fans, massagers etc etc), but on a cold winters day like today I think these USB foot warmers deserve a mention. Imagine getting to your office, kicking off your stilettos and sliding your chilly feet into these snug foot warmers – they would definitely make working feel more relaxed and give your feet some TLC.

The slippers are kept warm through a heat panel under the lining of the base – as soon as the warmers are plugged into a USB port the panel will heat up to a comfy temperature and remain that warm until unplugged. The panel can be removed when you need to wash your warmers. They look so warm and soft … I’ll definitely be getting me a pair of these!

Available from Gadget Shop for £14.95

2 Responses to “Tootsie Warmers”

  1. Frapp Says:

    Haha, they look so cute, and so snug!

  2. Karina Says:

    aww these look amazing!!!