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British Airways Introduce Luggage Charges

British Airways LogoAs I watched the BBC news this morning, a report on new rules enforced by British Airways (BA) caught my attention. As of next week, passengers checking in more than one piece of luggage will be charged for the additional bags. UK Domestic customers will be charged £30 per extra bag, customers travelling short haul will have to pay £60 and customers travelling long haul will have to pay £120. Travellers to the US, Caribbean, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Nigeria are exempt from the new rules and will be allowed two bags per person.

If the fees apply to you then obviously it is best to limit your luggage to one bag before you get to the airport. The maximum weight for economy class is 23 kg. If you feel this is simply impossible then you can apply for discounts online which will cut the cost by approximately 30%, this is available until September but it is unclear how to do this on their website.

Read more about BA baggage information at their website.

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