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Blood Diamond

I have watched many films in the last year but I feel this one really deserves a mention. The plot is about a diamond specialist in New York City but the storyline focuses on how the diamonds are found and exported for the rich to buy.

Africa is in a state of chaos, the rebels have risen up against the government and are battling to change the way Africa is run but not for the better. The heartless rebels take over innocent towns by either killing or kidnapping all the civilians leaving nothing but ruins. The rulers of the rebel army are sick and twisted and take pleasure in watching others in pain or begging for their lives. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes and members’ of their family.

The story follows the fascinating adventure of father of three Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) born and raised in Sierra Leone, Africa. Solomon is kidnapped and forced to work as a slave, diamond searching in the rivers. He comes across a diamond like no other and buries it under the soil. Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) a dishonest diamond smuggler hears about Solomon and they join forces to find the diamond, get Solomon’s family back and to get Danny out of Africa.

Danny and Solomon’s love hate relationship brings unexpected twists to the film and of course Leonardo DiCaprio has a love interest – a journalist desperately trying to help the civilians called Maddy (Jennifer Connelly).

The part of the film that really got to me was the child soldiers; young boys snatched from their homes and trained as killing machines. Although I know this is only a film, there are still thousands of children in Africa forced to take on a similar role.

I came out of the cinema feeling tearful and choked as never before had I understood what life in Africa is truly like. Although you will feel completely saddened by the storyline it is definitely a film I would recommend.

One Response to “Blood Diamond”

  1. david'' Says:

    I think that the film like all hollywood block busters have got a weird slant on things. I am sure that parts of the film have originated in the truth about smuggling and diamond exports. But if people think that diamonds are smuggled in the way they are portrayed then I think that this is wrong. I think that most of the diamond smuggling is done for gun running or some other war between tribes of men.