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Archive for February, 2007

Faith Nannex Peep Toes

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Faith Nannex Peep ToesThese Nannex peep toes from Faith would be great for a dressy occasion this spring – the shimmery brown satin material, broach detail and high stiletto heel give them a touch of elegance. They’re not your average night out kind of shoes; more like ones you’d save for a special occasion such as a wedding or other posh do – the satin material would probably wear quite easily and stain quickly too.

Faith are currently offering a deal of £5 off the matching clutch bag when you buy these peep toes (the bag is available for £30 before the discount).

If you’re looking for more of a fresh, summery colour Faith also offer a similar version in dusty pink – although these don’t have the back support of the Nannex shoes or the discounted matching bag.

Take That Shine!

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Take That released their new single Shine this week – their remarkable comeback has amazed me. I always assumed I’d heard the last of them and they’d just be a memory from my teenage years, but here we are years on and they’re still topping the charts – impressive!

Shine is far more upbeat than their previous hit Patience and I can’t help singing along and feeling lifted whenever I hear it. Mark Owen’s on lead vocals and it reminded me that it wasn’t only Gary and Robbie that made the band what it was!

Make The Most Of Skinny Jeans!

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Topshop White Skinny JeansI know I keep mentioning the fact that skinny jeans are out and wide legged trousers are in this season but I take a while to catch up and am still keen on skinny jeans at the mo – although I have to admit I hated them when they first hit the stores and they grew on me until I gave in and decided I actually loved them! So give me a couple of months and the same will probably happen with the new wider design.

These white skinny jeans from Topshop look so fresh and summery – teamed with some stilettos and a slinky top they would be perfect for a night out on the town. They’re pretty reasonably priced at £40 too and the low waist always gives a more flattering look (I think!).

Alarm Clock For iPod

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Alarm Clock For iPodThis Luna Alarm Clock claims to be the most intelligent alarm clock for iPod. You are able to customize your sleeping and waking experience with two alarms, a gradually increasing and decreasing volume option and a snooze & sleep setting.

Not only is this a fab alarm clock, but it also allows you to listen to great music throughout the day from two precision speakers and a two-channel amplifier. It has an easy to read display and a user-friendly system – plus I think it would look pretty great in my bedroom too!

Currently available from Amazon for £86.19

Via Shiny Shiny

Dune 'Perdy' Shoes

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Dune MulesI can’t wait for summer this year – winter’s nice for a while but I’m staring to get tired of always wearing a coat, warm clothes and boots, I cant wait to strip off a bit and get the summer wardrobe out!

These shoes from Dune have put me in this mood – they’re bright and summery, and best of all they don’t hide away your feet like winter boots. Add a splash of colour to your toenails and your feet will look so pretty!

They’d be great to take away on a beach holiday; I love the floral fabric and wooden effect together. If only summer would come around quicker!

Available from Dune for £65.

Best Dressed at the Oscars

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

The Oscars is always an event of glitz and glamour, it’s the place where everybody throws on their best frocks and we all get excited about the gorgeous fashion creations. This year was no different; there were some absolutely stunning designs, above are four of my favourite outfits from Glam’s Best Dressed section.

Penelope Cruz was wearing a gorgeous Versace number complimented by a graceful updo, Resse Witherspoon (my personal favourite) shows off her natural beauty with a plain hairdo and a strapless floor-length Nina Ricci gown, Gwyneth Paltrow looks so elegant in her Zac Posen gown and Nicole Kidman wants to be the lady in red.

Photographs at

Cool Homemade Remedies

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Aloe PlantWhile browsing the web I came across an article over at Style Minded that I thought I would share with you. The article discusses some cool homemade remedies that help make your skin better if you suffer from certain problem areas.

They mention that if you mix some fresh lemon juice with a dash of baking soda then apply to affected areas it can reduce your acne. They also mention Aloe Vera for dehydrated skin, I remember using this one when I was severely sunburnt on holiday and it does work really well.

Read the full article at Style Minded.

A Cure For Tired Eyes

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Eyezone Eye MassagerMonday mornings are always a struggle for me – after two days off I just get used to lying in and then it’s back to getting up for work, with heavy bags under my eyes I usually take all morning to feel properly awake. Today was no exception but I think I may have found a cure for my tired eyes – the Eyezone Eye Massager. Apparently it helps prevent bags under your eyes, prevents wrinkles and can even improve your vision.

The vibrating pads of the eye massager work on pressure points at the temples, the bridge of the nose and across the cheekbones to release tension and stress and improve blood circulation. It removes toxins from the cells that cause bags and dark circles under your eyes for brighter, less tired looking eyes – just what I need on a day like today!

Available from Gizoo for £14.95

Kelis – Lil Star

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

For about a week now I have been singing Lil Star by Kelis over and over and cannot get it out of my head; it’s such a sweet and catchy little tune. When I heard that Kelis was dueting with Cee-Lo from Gnarls Barkley I didn’t expect them to produce such a lovely song. Kelis known for songs such as Bossy and Milkshake took me by surprise with this one and I love it.

Lil Star is definitely more of a Gnarls Barkley tune, I absolutely loved Smiling, again I was singing it in my head for weeks. Lil Star can be found on Kelis’s latest album ‘Kelis Was Here’ released last summer. Anyway, have a listen and let me know if you love it or hate it.

Jessica Simpson's Peep Toe Shoes

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Jessica Simpson's Green Peep ToesI have to admit that these scare me a little! I can’t help thinking the pea green colour makes these shoes look more like something you’d eat than put on your feet, but I do like the fact that they’re fresh and bright – reminding me that spring’s on its way. The white heels and rim do soften the overall look and I think this could be a colour that grew on me…maybe.

I love the style – peep toes are so flattering, and the bow makes them look cute and girly. They’re also available in navy and scarlet if the pea green is really not your thing and are priced at $79.99 from

Via Shoewawa