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Pink iPod Shuffle

Pink iPod ShuffleFor many weeks I was extremely indecisive about whether the iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle would be best for me. I wanted an iPod so I could listen to up-tempo music at the gym so for this reason I thought a shuffle would be better; it’s cheaper than a Nano and it has a clip to easily attach it to your gym trousers. It doesn’t hold as many songs or have a digital screen but would have been perfect for a workout session.

However, just before Christmas I bought an iPod Nano for the simple reason that it was pink. I have now discovered that Apple have produced the shuffle in four new colours including pink. I am gutted. The shuffle is now also available in green, orange and blue as well as the original white case.

Available at the Apple Store for £55, this price includes a free optional engraving.

Via Gadget Candy

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