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Why do we weigh less in the morning?

Bathroom ScalesAfter piling on the pounds over Christmas, I decided to get myself a decent pair of scales so I could keep on top of my weight. As I stepped on the scales yesterday morning I thought to myself ‘why do I weight 2 lbs less than I did last night?’. I had not been to the toilet or done anything apart from lay in bed. This baffled me so I decided to look it up on the Internet.

I came across a handy explanation on a website this morning that answered my question very well. It says that when your body changes food into energy, water vapour and carbon dioxide are released into the blood stream that can then leave the body through your lungs by breathing. Water is also lost through the skin then evaporates into the air. The total amount of water lost in this way is usually 2-3 lbs. For a more detailed description visit

If any of you know any other reasons or you have your own myth about why this could happen I’d love to know.

One Response to “Why do we weigh less in the morning?”

  1. California Style - Maureen Says:

    Great info, thanks!!! I very much prefer to weigh myself in the am though, lol. =)