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Nintendo Wii Sports can help you loose weight

I came across a blog this morning that I found rather fascinating and want to read more about the subject. The article entitled Wii Sports Experiment, Results! reveals how a young male spent six weeks of his life incorporating a thirty minute exercise regime into his daily schedule. He continued all normal activity and eating habits but just added thirty minutes of Wii Sports to his day. If you’re not familiar with the game it is a collection of sports such as boxing, golf, tennis and bowling that allow you to physically interact with the game using a sensor within the controller. Below is an example of someone playing tennis.

After six weeks of Nintendo Wii Sports he lost 9lbs just by adding a thirty minute game into his day. He also worked out how many calories each game burned and therefore which one was the most effective for loosing weight. See the blog for videos of the experiment and the whole story.

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