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Apple iPhone unveiled

Apple iPhoneAfter the success of products such as the iPod, iTunes and the Mac, US giant Apple are set to revolutionise the telecoms industry with their new iPhone. The phone combines three key products; a mobile phone, an iPod with multi-touch display and an Internet communications device. The iPhone means no more cluttered pockets or huge handbags to carry all your necessary technology – simply slip your iPhone into that cute little clutch bag you’ve been dying to take out and combine all your software into one small lightweight gadget.

You will be able to download music and videos, use high quality email, browse the web, use maps and search on Google all from one screen. The phone also offers a full touch keyboard for texting and emailing and has a 2-megapixel integrated camera.

The iPhone will be launched in the US in June 2007 and will come over to Europe later in the year. At between $499 and $599 the gadget doesn’t come cheap but if you can cut out the price of all your other gadgets it could be well worth it.

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  1. The New Pink » Blog Archive » Apple iPhone - A Closer Look Says:

    […] A few days ago we wrote a post on the new iPhone – if you want to see a video of it in action click on the clip below … it totally sold it to me! I’m not usually overly impressed with gadgets but this is going to be huge. I love how much detail has gone into the design, everything has been thought through in so much depth, from visual voicemail (to save you having to listen to each in turn) to zooming into photos using your fingers – I now think the price (between $499 and $599) is pretty reasonable! […]