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BioKnob™ could mean no more keys

BioKnob™Many people remember to take their keys with them before slamming the door shut, and many keep them in the same place so they don’t loose them. However, some of us just aren’t that clever, I can’t tell you the number of times I have locked myself out or been late because my keys had moved themselves. I have even traipsed around the garden at 2 o’clock in the morning attempting to find the spare key. If you are somewhat forgetful like me then the BioKnob™ could be the answer to all your prayers.

The BioKnob™ produced by Tychi Systems is an advanced technology biometric door lock shaped like a standard doorknob. At the centre of the knob is a small sensor that registers thumb or fingerprints so only you and your family can enter the house. Fingerprints and passwords are stored by family members’ names and can store up to 100 users at a time.

The main downside of this invention is that it is powered by rechargeable batteries. If you charge the battery fully it will last for 1000 unlockings, however if you forget to charge it you could be in for a cold night in the car. This is assuming you have remembered you car keys otherwise it could mean a night in the garden.

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