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Canon MV901 lightweight Digital Camcorder

Canon Digital CamcorderWhile looking for a Christmas pressie for my boyfriend, I came across this video camera on the Curry’s website and thought what a great idea. We’re off to France skiing soon so I thought this would be a perfect gift for him. Not only does it have a 25x optical zoom (800x digital zoom), widescreen recording and a 2.7” wide LCD screen, it only costs £179 which personally I think is a bargain.

The camera is lightweight and compact so suitable if you are moving around a lot like we will be. The large viewfinder means you can set up the shot first and even film while skiing or snowboarding. The camcorder also has a great image stabilisation function to assist with shaky footage. See the Curry’s Website for further information.

2 Responses to “Canon MV901 lightweight Digital Camcorder”

  1. klf Says:

    hello i was wondering if anyone new wether this camcorder had a nightlight on or not

  2. natalie bertoncello Says:

    check out for all the latest girly gadgets! x