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Stripes = fashion

This year we have seen stripes everywhere – on the catwalks, on the high streets and even celebs are incorporating them into their daily style. Stripy tops are particularly popular and if you find a style that suits you you’re onto a winner. The only problem is that we are not all a size 8 or 10 and horizontal stripes tend to give the body a wider appearance. For this reason I have stuck to black and grey stripes because the dark colours hide the curves and bumps yet you still have the striped effect. You could try vertical stripes, these are even better if you are a larger size as they make your figure appear a lot narrower, however it’s the horizontal stripes that are the height of fashion at the moment.

Ashley Simpson is wearing a rounded neck, ¾ length sleeve, long black and white stripy top over a simple pair of grey skinny jeans. She finishes her look with a cute pair of rounded black shoes and a neck scarf to break up the repetitive striped pattern. To check out stripy styles visit and their section on ‘celebs in striped tops’.

One Response to “Stripes = fashion”

  1. sophie Says:

    hi ya i luv stripes in fashion there soooooooooo kool!!!