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Want to know what your friends are up to?

Spy on your friends!The ability to track your friends via their phones is a concept that scares me quite a bit! Loopt are calling this ‘Social Mapping’ – basically, you can access a map with your friends represented as dots on up to 25 miles away, in real time. On one hand this is a fantastic idea – you can only see individuals that you’ve exchanged numbers with and there is an opt-out option should you not want to be tracked. So if you see a friend is close you could arrange to meet, it will save lots of pennies on the ‘where r u?’ texts if nothing else!

On the other hand, I can imagine this creating a world where everyone always knows where you are – I like having time to myself and I’m sure I’m not the only one who tells a few fibs now and then to get out of plans I don’t want to join in on. So there is the opt-out option but then your friends will probably know you don’t want to be spotted! And what is this going to do to the suspicious-minded individuals who will always be watching where their other half is – this brings a whole new meaning to keeping an eye on someone!

Only time will tell whether this concept is embraced (although I can imagine it becoming extremely popular) but I can’t help feeling more and more trapped – I like people not knowing my every move! But then again, it could be fun … I remain undecided!

Via Shiny Shiny

One Response to “Want to know what your friends are up to?”

  1. Aimi Says:

    Scary thought, don’t think I like this idea it would cause thousands of uneccessary arguments through people saying ‘well why were you following me anyway, don’t you trust me’. Luckily I’m a loyal person but imagine the people in obsessive relationships – it would be a nightmare!