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Squeeze MeI’m a Gillian McKeith fan and when I have the motivation I love to test out her ‘You Are What You Eat’ recipes. This lemon squeezer is perfect if you’ve ever tried her water and lemon morning detox – usually my glass of water is filled with pips and the white part of the lemon and I can’t bring myself to actually drink it.

This great little gadget contains a pip retainer and prevents the juice squirting out in all directions – just pop the lemon into the clear bit at the end and squeeze! According to Gillian, water with a sqeeze of lemon is a great thing to have first thing in the morning and will give you an instant boost.

Available for $27

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    […] When I looked over the site I realised that for me a gadget has to be useful and save time. A lot of what I class as “guy gadgets” are time wasters rather than time savers, then again saying that there are also some quirky fun things out there too! (You just have to be willing to search for them.) […]