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3 launch X-Series (flat rate mobile broadband)

Today Hutchison Whampoa’s 3 announced a new mobile broadband service called 3 X-Series. Most mobile operators, including 3, have offered mobile internet services (charged as data rather than voice) for years now, so is this really anything new?

Well, just maybe.

3’s new X-Series tariff will offer unlimited “mobile broadband” internet access for a flat rate fee, which is much closer to the way broadband is sold to fixed line customers over the traditional copper phone lines. This will allow users to run programs such as skype, which allows free phone calls to anyone else who uses it, wherever they are in the world.

How successful X-series will be, will largely depend on what 3 charge for the service. Unlimited data packages from other operators are typically £75 a month, so if 3 come in at nearer £30 I think it could be very popular.

I’ve long argued that mobile operators who rely too heavily on voice revenues (*cough* *cough* vodafone), and who fail to diversify quickly enough could be as voice-over-ip pushes down the cost of calling to zero. So, this looks like a rather bold move by 3, who are repositioning themselves towards providing internet access instead of mobile phone calls.

If the price is right, then I could even see 3 taking a share of the home broadband market. More and more people are eschewing their landline in favour of using their mobiles to make calls while at home so why not use a mobile to provide their internet connection as well?

One Response to “3 launch X-Series (flat rate mobile broadband)”

  1. jazzblu Says:

    Great News! Now all I need to do is upgrade my phones memory to a 2GB SD Intergral and SD USB Reader available at for under 12 pounds, let me know what you guys think, is it worth it?