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Red Tartan Faith Shoes

Red Tartan Faith ShoesSo I found these in the ‘Must Haves’ section on Faith’s website … I can’t decide what I think! On the one hand I love the shape, the high heels and I’d even go so far as to say I like the tartan. I’m not sure what it is that leaves me so undecided on these – I’m thinking the big black bow on the front could be it?

But they’re a bargain at £29.99 … cute or ugly – what do you think?

2 Responses to “Red Tartan Faith Shoes”

  1. Helen Bowen Says:

    Red Tartan Shoes

    I too saw the same shoes in Qube and was undecided, think it probably was the bow, slightly on the large size but also they were more expensive than you’ve quoted on the Faith site. Have looked on Faith but cannot find them, can you help?

  2. ellise Says:

    i think there really nice but they do the exact same ones on for £10.00 so do get the bargain tartan is a really big thing it keeps coming in and out again so why not set a trend to let it stay