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Ambient Clock

Ambient ClockI think Google Calendar is great, however I’m pretty lazy and a lot of the time forget to add anything – I’m so used to using my big old diary on the desk that I write in it without thinking. I want to make a conscious effort to use Google Calendar as there are heaps of advantages over a paper diary and I think this new Ambient Clock that I’ve added to my Google Personalized Homepage may help me do this – it wraps your daily schedule around a clock and reminds you of events (this is much more useful than a diary that you forget to look at – this clock stares at you every time you open a new browser and changes colour when events are near).

The Ambient Clock is being tested online, but there are plans to manufacture the next Ambient Device if the online version is successful. The clock receives updates via Ambient’s nationwide wireless network – it may even be stuck on your fridge and run on AAAs! I’m going to test out the online version for a couple of weeks and let you know how I get on …

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