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Unfinished Clock

Red Unfinished ClockI am a big fan of unique objects and I think it has to be said that this is definitely unique. It is known as the unfinished clock and would look so great on a mantelpiece or shelf. It would be better if the surface you place it on is wide so it almost looks like part of the clock. I found the item at Hidden Art who sell a number of household goods that are a little quirky and designed to be different. They have some really strangely shaped chairs in their furniture section that are so beautifully carved I’d be scared to sit on them.

The clock, made by Thelermont Hupton can be bought in red, orange, black or white and currently costs £29.00 plus a £5.88 delivery charge. You can find furniture, lighting, gifts, jewellery and even fashion items on the site as well.

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