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USB Duck Shaped Vacuum Cleaner

USB Duck Shaped Vacuum CleanerHow cute is this duck shaped vacuum cleaner! Simply slot it into your USB port and you’re good to go – it’s great for getting between those annoying little holes in your keyboard, and can also be used to suck up any dust from around your desk too.

I’m the queen of laziness so this suits me down to the ground – I no longer need to get out of my seat to find a duster or search for the hoover (not that I did that much anyway!).

For just $21 this little ducky is a bargain, and what a great stocking filler it would make too!

Via Techie Diva

One Response to “USB Duck Shaped Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. Josh - Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Lover Says:

    It looks cool, but I bought one that did not look like a duck, and it cost me around $2.50 only. It is made in China. Perhaps your ducky is better, but they perform the same function.