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The Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette PartyI have just finished this book and would definitely recommend it to you all. It is absolutely hilarious at times and brings together things that we all think but wouldn’t dare say out loud. The story follows an LA school teacher called Zadie who is recovering from being dumped at the alter by her waiter turned soap actor boyfriend. Zadie is well on her way to recovery but then her best friend Grey (male) proposes to her cousin Helen who Zadie isn’t too fond of.

Zadie finds herself organising the hen night on top of coping with the stress of her own life and not to mention the fact that she has a crush on one of her students to try and forget about. However, the bachelorette party proves to be livelier than Zadie imagined with all sorts of secrets let out of the bag. This is a wickedly funny Novel by writer Karen McCullah Lutz. Available at Amazon in hardback and paperback.

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