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Noise Cancelling MP3 Player NW-S703F

NW-S703K pinkSony has now launched an MP3 player that includes noise cancelling headphones so you won’t be disrupted even if you are in a busy, loud environment. The NW-S703 allows you to listen to your tunes in peace without the annoying sounds of building work or trains etc taking over the music track – what a brilliant invention. Not only does it have this fantastic feature but it looks stylish too, especially in pink.

The MP3 player stores up to 685 songs in the 1GB built in memory so you can always have a song to suit your mood. However, if that’s not enough there’s also an integrated FM radio that allows you to pre-set your favourite stations. The gadget is currently selling in pink, violet and black for between $170 and $200 which isn’t bad for such a handy little toy. See the Sony Style website for more info about features and specifications.

Via Gadgets 4 Girls

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