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Fashion Boots from Dune

Grey Dune BootThese boots are a must have style this season. In my opinion they look strange if worn with a skirt or dress but apparently that is how they should be worn and how they look their best. The boots are both in celebrity wardrobes and high street shops, this particular pair from Dune caught my eye and I have considered buying.

I like the shape, colour and material of this boot but I think I am more likely to wear them with a pair of jeans than a dainty dress. I saw Grace from Big Brother wearing a similar pair with a green dress a while ago and I think that’s why I have been put off wearing them with anything but trousers! These are £60 from Dune.

One Response to “Fashion Boots from Dune”

  1. Dani Says:

    Ive seen a lovely green dress on the Dune (shoes) website – its not for sale but I wanted to know where I could get hold of it?