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A pill that can stop your period

PillA new birth control pill is being developed that could mean we don’t have to suffer one week in every month anymore, woohoooo! The new pill called Lybrel made by Wyeth could be the first pill to change the menstrual cycle for many women.

Imagine your world with no more stomach cramps, bloating, stodgy food and chocolate cravings or an itchy rash from your sanitary towel! Furthermore the savings you will make on tampons and towels will mean you can get yourself a new pair of shoes at the end of the month.

To be honest though I’m not sure how many women would actually want to take the pill, after all word is that it is because of periods that women live longer. However I would probably be keen if I were off on a six month trip around the world, it would make the experience more enjoyable and easier. The pill has not been approved yet so I’m sorry if I just got your hopes up.

Via Slate

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