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Crazy Nails!

Crazy NailsThis hi-tech nail printer from Crazy Nail is fab – a little on the expensive side perhaps, with the top of the range model selling at £1849, but totally worth it if you have that kind of money!

The printer is fitted with a built-in computer and can apply virtually any digital image to your nails. Simply connect your screen, choose your nail art and pop your nails in.

Crazy NailsYou can even transfer your own photos onto your digits – a little odd you might think, but you’ll be totally unique!

Via Gadget Candy

2 Responses to “Crazy Nails!”

  1. Mike Says:

    A similar printer can be found here for less than half the price:

  2. June Says:

    There’s also a machine available at this website. I have bought one and its fantastic!!