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Ladette to Lady – Are you hooked yet?

Ladette to LadyI cannot believe I missed the series of Ladette to Lady last year, I am well and truly hooked on this years program. The girls are an exaggerated version of what I see every Friday night and I think its hilarious watching their crazy behaviour. My favourite has to be Louise, I felt really sorry for her acting as the wine waitress last night while the other girls were enjoying themselves at the dinner party. However after the rowdy drunken night singing football chants in the pub it allowed her to show the teachers how sweet and polite she can actually be.

I have a feeling the finale will be between Louise and Clara, they seem to want to change the most out of the girls (apart from when Louise is drunk). My respect goes to Clara, unlike the other girls she has been brought up in a man only world where it’s nomal for her to act like a man. She is definitely willing to change her ladette nature in fact she desperately wants to. Ladette to Lady is on ITV, Thursday’s at 9pm and is not to be missed.

5 Responses to “Ladette to Lady – Are you hooked yet?”

  1. Robert Jackman Says:

    I have to agree – Ladette to Lady is the most compelling yet underrated reality TV show on television at the moment. I’m backing Frances to win, but I think it’s pretty clear that Louise is going to take the honours. Have a look at my comments on Ladette to Lady on my blog :)

  2. Pat Says:

    I watched this show last night and I believe it is a rerun of last year’s program. That’s fine with me since I missed it last year. Louise is an alcoholic. She can’t control her drinking and she’s admitted that she can’t keep a job because of it. I hope she can get treatment for this and that the instructors don’t just keep trying to get her to control it.

  3. Katie Says:

    I love this show. I think Clara will def win. I watch it in the US. I wish they had a show like that here. I think that there are so many women out there that really need to be taught self respect. It is not so much about class or the teaching of manners, but the individual growth an self-respect that is acquired that impresses me. I was very surpised to see the return of the former contestants. The only problem that I have is that the series is sooo short. US programs last like 13 weeks UK programs are so much shorter

  4. J R Says:

    Like many of the previous readers, I find L 2 L an absorbing 40 or so minutes; but my enjoyment changes to concern. And some of those girls stay with me long after I’ve turned off the TV.
    It is horrible and sad to watch Louise drinking. Her substance abuse is beyond the teacher’s ability to handle it. Addiction is a disease, and this girl needs support and treatment. I hope that Louise was given counsel of that before she left. I wish her well.

    I wonder if Rebecca isn’t in the same situation — all those sexual partners.

    The first girl, Emma, who was “expelled” clearly came from a disadvantaged situation. Emma needs help not criticism.

    Laura, too, why all those piercings in delicate places? Laura responded well to a different environment as was evident in her elocution and her general demeanour after a month of school. I wondered why this girl wasn’t given more of a chance.

    The flower arranging teacher demonstrates poor teaching skills particularly in the last episode, as does the sexual etiquette teacher through the series.
    Rosemary Schraeger stands out as a much stronger and kinder presence.

    All in all it made me think about the inequitites of the class system,
    and the morality of watching girls from a “disadvantaged” situation as entertainment.
    Yet the ones who “won” were most grateful for the education they received.
    Why does a television programme have to do the work that a decent education ought to give?

  5. Colette Says:

    Greetings from the other side of the pond!

    I’m an American in love with Ladette To Lady – thanks Sundance!

    (Note to Brits – check out Bad Girls Club from the Oxygen Channel for some naughty reality fun)

    The reason I’m here is to check up on the Ladettes. Do they have blogs? Any deleted scenes online? Any insider info would be greatly appreciated.