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ElectroplanktonMy boyfriend bought this game a few weeks ago and I mocked him, oh how wrong I was. After watching him play and listening to the sounds he was creating Electroplankton now officially lives at my house. I can’t put the game down its so addictive yet so simple to play. It is definitely now one of my favourite Nintendo games.

There are 10 species of electroplankton to play with and each species responds to touch or sound (such as clapping). The game is extremely interactive and allows you to create music through movement and commands. All you need to do is use the stylus on your DS and move it across the screen. My favourite plankton are Tracy who respond by following lines you have drawn with the stylus. The speed and direction at which you draw the lines has a great effect on the sound they make. Anyway definitely a great gift for someone’s birthday, available at Amazon for £24.99.

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