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The next generation of jello shots!

When I was at Uni, shots were a popular choice at the bar – they don’t taste as bad as cheap wine and they have an almost instantaneous effect – which is what every student wants! Now I’ve come across these new Jello Shots called Suck and Blow, where two people are required, one to suck and the other to blow! These are going to be a big hit with students – imagine what an ice breaker they’ll be during Freshers week! What a great opportunity to share a drink with that person you fancy, OK so it’s not very classy but I don’t think that’s something students seem to worry about!

I’m a little confused by who sucks and who blows (maybe I’m being naïve) but it seems to me that one person enjoys the shot while the other spends their time blowing it into their partner’s mouth! When I was at Uni I know I wouldn’t waste my precious few pounds on blowing a shot into someone else’s mouth – I’d want it myself to get me through the night! I guess it’s not just students who will love these new jello shots though; bars and clubs everywhere will no doubt be stocking these up.

Many of the shots are available in original flavours, such as the Spice Spice Baby – black cherry gelatin, flat cola, spiced rum, and grenadine, the ISO Happy Endings – wild strawberry gelatin, water, champagne, crème de strawberry, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream, and the not-quite-gelatin shot Brulette Milk – unflavored gelatin, vanilla schnapps, vanilla vodka, frangelico, instant vanilla pudding, and brown sugar. They’d be great at any kind of social gathering and provide hours of fun, especially if you managed to persuade the unlikely couple to participate (say your shy friend and the bloke you know she fancies). Mean but definitely worth watching!

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