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Feeling down?

Counselling DirectoryApparently 1 in 4 people will have some sort of mental health problem in their life – this is a huge percentage and I was shocked when I first found it out. What’s worse is that many people suffer in silence, embarrassed to admit their problems. A new website has been set up to encourage more people to talk through their issues with a qualified counsellor – the site is free and confidential and has loads of great information about counselling and mental health issues.

If you think you’d like to speak to a UK counsellor in confidence then visit Counselling Directory – don’t spend your life feeling down, talking to someone may help you to live a much happier life. There is also a blog covering all sorts of mental health issues you may be interested in from the News. Here at The New Pink we’ve been inspired by this to blog more about things that can improve your health and happiness! If you have any ideas let us know …

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