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Irregular Tape Measure Shoe

Irregular Tape Measure ShoeYou may think I’m a little crazy for thinking these shoes are gorgeous but I saw them on a girl when I was out at the weekend and they looked so nice I almost went out and bought a pair for myself. The shoes are from the ‘Irregular’ brand at Schuh and that is exactly what they are – irregular. The frame of the shoe is pretty normal, the material is a soft pinstripe design, the toe is delicately pointed and the inside of the shoe is a fabulous colour. However we then have a tape measure- What? A tape measure on a shoe you are all thinking. Yes a tape measure and it looks pretty good. There is one along the back seam of the heal that sticks up slightly above the body of the shoe and one on the toe. This one is a layered tape measure in the shape of a rosette with a cute black ribbon crossed on top.

I have to say, these pictures don’t do the shoe a lot of justice, they look so much prettier when they’re on and imagine them with a short skirt and black footless tights. If you’re feeling this style as much as me then visit the Schuh Website and have a look for yourself. They are currently priced at £59.99 which I don’t think is bad for such a unique design.

2 Responses to “Irregular Tape Measure Shoe”

  1. The New Pink » Blog Archive » Irregular Choice Cortesan Emblem Floral Shoes Says:

    […] I am a big fan of Irregular choice shoes but have never actually been brave enough to buy a pair for myself. The best design I’ve ever seen were the Tape Measure Shoes I wrote about last year, I thought they were fantastic. I have now found another pair that I think are really stylish called Cortesan Emblem Flower shoes. They are made from pinstripe fabric and have a beautiful embroidered floral design and a lace trim. The sole has a fairytale pattern too. […]

  2. sarah Says:

    I definitely agree with you about the tape measure shoes, in fact all of irregular choice shoes are unique and interesting. There is a full selection of styles on Irregular Choice’s own website >

    Hope that helps anyone else who loves this brand.