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House Remote Extender

House Remote ExtenderGenerally you’ll be sitting in front of your TV when you want to use your remote control, but what about when you want to adjust the volume of your stereo in the other room? You have to actually go into that room and point the remote at it because the remote uses infrared. However for all you lazy lot who, like me, only move if you really have to, the House Remote Extender uses radio frequency instead of infrared so the range is dramatically increased.

The signal will go through doors, walls, ceilings, pretty much anything, as no line of sight is needed. A BBQ comes to mind when thinking about this – no longer will I have to pop in and out of the house to adjust the volume of the music. This is the height of laziness I know but I don’t like wasting time on things I don’t have too!

The starter kit is available for $50 and additional units can be purchased.

Via Coolest Gadgets

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