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Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof Playing CardsSo I know things have moved on a bit from playing cards (most people spend more time watching TV, listening to music, playing on the computer etc) but who can deny they buy a pack each year to take away on holiday? I admit I love a game of cards – if I’m burnt, if the weather’s not great or if I’m in need of a drinking game in the evening! I also bet every year you come home and find soggy cards stuck to the inside of your bag that have got wet in the rain, or had drinks spilt on them. Well here’s the solution – waterproof playing cards!

It’s not the money you’ll save from having to buy them each year that’s great (playing cards are peanuts) but the convenience of always having a pack there when you need them. Simply wipe away the spillages and store them in a cupboard for next time … I think these are great!

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